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If there is an error in the process, contact us at the following email address: info@malagasingles.com or by phone.

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 Check this box if you would only travel accompanied or accompanied by a coordinator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless express communication against, once the reservation is confirmed, it will be firm regardless of whether or not a minimum group is formed to guarantee the assistance of the coordinator.

Rules of reservation of place for trips

  • When completing the registration, the preferred accommodation must be stated (single room or shared).
  • In case that the minimum number of places to complete the trip is not met, or due to some force majeure, 100% of the deposit will be refunded. Such notification could be made a maximum of 10 days prior to departure.
  • In case of travel cancellation, the following cancellation fees may be charged: With more than 15 days: NO EXPENSES; Between 14 and 10 days: 5%; Between 10 and 7 days: 15%; Between 7 and 2 days: 25%; with less than 2 days: 100%.
  • If the trip had a transport reservation with special conditions, 100% of the cost could be applied to the air ticket.
  • In the event that a trip is contracted with an external tour operator to TRAVELING SINGLE, the general conditions applicable will be those of the tour operator.
  • The general conditions of the trips will always be subject to the particular conditions of the trip in question.
  • In the event that the place to be annulled is a room to be shared and there is no room for that room. The person who cancels must assume the individual supplement.

Special conditions

Download the special conditions of travel made by Trip Singles.

Normas generales

Once you have booked the trip firmly , we will send you the package travel contract in which all the details of the trip to be booked are recorded..

Informative note

If you reside in cities other than the ones where the trip starts, we can provide transport to the departure point or destination with special conditions and minimum issuance costs in case of airline tickets.

The figure of the coordinator

Practically in all the travelers you request us that in the exits there is a coordinator, whose work mainly is based, as its name indicates, in coordinate for the activities in common ( excursions, etc. ) as well as the organization of some EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITY for the group and be at your disposal 24 hours a day for anything you may need. IT IS NOT A GUIDE , so in certain visits to destinations, a "local guide" will be hired or the explanations will be more limited.

It is clear that the assistance of this coordinator, involves expenses, so that the price has been added or added a small fee. It may be the case that with a number below 20 people we can guarantee it. In the event that the number of travelers does not reach the minimum necessary and finally does not accompany, this fee would be subtracted from the final price.

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  • Sortie: 07/11/2021


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